We don't just sell new shoes! Pre-owned kicks can offer excellent value, and often give options which wouldn't otherwise be available.

We're very fussy about what we sell, and wouldn't sell anything which we wouldn't be happy to wear ourselves. We like a good vintage pair, but we only ever sell completely wearable shoes.

The majority of the sneakers on our site, are brand new (deadstock), and in their original box - anything which isn't new and boxed, will always have a note to let you know.

All of our pre-owned sneakers are marked with a condition rating. If the item you're looking at doesn't have a rating, then it's brand new. All of the product pictures on the site are our own, so the picture you can see is the actual shoe you will receive!

We take the gamble out of buying pre-owned sneakers, as we are very strict with our condition ratings. We have never had a return because somebody didn't agree with the condition rating we'd given a shoe.

We only sell shoes that are in good, wearable* condition, and a our 7/10 rating means 'good' condition. 8/10 is 'very good' condition, 9/10 is 'excellent', and anything over 9 is hard to tell apart from new.

Please take into consideration that vintage trainers may not always be suitable for daily wear. Vintage shoes will always be marked as such. This does not apply to newer shoes with Nike's 'vintage effects', which will be marked VNTG.